About 183 by Nimitaya Group


Nimitaya Group of Companies believes that the way into future is paved by innovation, coupled with dexterity of visionary individuals and a great team. I’ve endeavoured to embody these principles within my organization, by encouraging and fostering new ideas.

I firmly believe that challenges serve as a talent force that guides you towards success. Nimitaya‘s experts engaged talents from various core and ancillary domains such as engineering, architecture, structural engineering, marketing, finance and other management disciplines to venture this project with a dream of offering comfortable and affordable office space to the thriving IT World in the Indian Capital.

   I’m truly excited as my dream materializes into reality and I sincerely thank my whole team for the enormous support. On behalf Nimitaya family, I wholeheartedly invite you to experience and be part of this world class infrastructural project...
Sanjeev Mahajan | CEO & Managing Director